Simple exercises and ideas to reduce stress and promote good health.


Bernie Warren PhD
Hello my name is Bernie Warren. Since 1992 my ‘day job’ has been as a Professor of Drama in Education and Community at The School of Dramatic Art at the University of Windsor.

I have studied Eastern healing and martial arts for more than 40 years, several of which were as an ‘indoor student’ of a Chinese master. For ten years I carried out extensive research looking for connections between Eastern and Western approaches to healing, with a particular focus on preventative and non-invasive approaches to restoring and maintaining good health.

For over 20 years I have taught Qigong and Tai Chi, (as areas of academic study, health promotion, and recreation) to a wide range of people of all ages; including students, those living with life threatening /life changing disorders, and others who simply wish to remain healthy in a stress filled world.

In addition I have developed accessible research based Stress Reduction workshop packages, that integrate evidence based Eastern and Western Best Practice, for Health Care Professionals, corporations, institutions and for individuals who wished to remain healthy.

I regularly teach Breathe and Smile workshops and classes to a wide range of audiences around the world. I try to make learning fun and my experience working with people with intellectual challenges and a wide range of physical and health problems, enables me to adapt exercises to the needs of each participant. Overall my goal, in every Breathe and Smile workshop, is to give participants (irrespective of their age or state of health) “gifts” of simple exercises that can help them reduce their stress, improve their quality of life and enjoy good health.

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