Simple exercises and ideas to reduce stress and promote good health.


“Life is lived one breath, one smile, one heartbeat at a time”

We live in a very stressful society. We all must deal with situational stress, created by specific incidents in our home or work life. In addition trying to balance the demands of our work and our personal life often contribute to a fear of not being good enough: at our job, as a parent or partner, or even as a person – all of which may contribute to insipient stress, which is a silent killer.

Breathe and Smile is dedicated to the promotion and sharing of simple exercises, primarily drawn from the ancient Chinese exercise system known in the west as “Qigong” (an ancient Chinese way of fitness and health promotion) which help reduce stress and promote good health.

Breathe and Smile workshops and classes can be offered almost anywhere around the world. The exercises presented in these workshops need no equipment and can be done almost anywhere. Most importantly people of all ages can participate in and benefit from Breathe and Smile sessions and and most exercises can be adapted to meet the needs of an individual’s physical health.

The overall goal of Breathe and Smile workshops and classes is to make learning fun and to give participants (irrespective of their age or state of health) “gifts” of simple exercises that can help them reduce their stress, improve their quality of life and enjoy good health.


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